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I would like a Recycling website where you can type in an individual product and find out how to recycle it. I have found this website as a reference: http://atoz.rirrc.org/search

Hello, my name is Rommy Qattom and I'm currently a student at UT Austin. A few weeks ago, I along with a few of my peers (James Poston, Kirsa Brogdon, and Helen Galli) created an event at UT Austin about improving solid waste management at and around the UT Campus. The purpose of the event was to increase awareness about the importance of proper solid waste management and to have participants generate solutions to improve solid waste management at and around UT. We decided to share the solutions that the participants made with the Austin community in the hope that doing so will help increase their chances of being implemented and to hear what you all have to think about them. Solutions to improve solid waste management at and around UT: 1.) Mandatory program for UT Austin students similar to Alcoholedu that will increase awareness about the importance of proper solid waste management and educate people on what is recyclable and compostable and what is not. 2.) Increase the amount of recycling bins and try and place one next to every currently existing trash can 3.)Place infographics in student dorms that educate students on how to properly recycle 4.)Organize a competition between buildings/colleges at UT in which the different buildings/colleges would compete to achieve the highest recycling diversion rate 5.)Make recycle bins and trash cans see-through 6.) Facts or images on trash and recycling bins that show the importance of recycling 7.) Increase frequency of routes and maintenance 8.) At the UT orientation, administrators can express the campus’s goals to improve solid waste management and show the changes 9.) Have the city and UT showcase litter art and organize activities that increase environmental awareness 10.) More easily accessible trash cans should be put outside of businesses specifically on Guadalupe along West Campus all the way up to 29th in order to allow more waste to be taken off of the streets. As the current situation shows, the current do not hold enough trash, and do not contain the trash well.
11.) Sustainable urban “agrihoods” can be produced through urban farming initiatives. Please let us know what you all think and thank you !

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The only recycling center is in South Austin. North Austin needs the same in order to easily recycle hazardous waste and items that can not be recycled weekly. It is an inconvenience to have only one facility so far away from those living in North Austin.

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peggy tripp about 2 years ago

It is a disgrace driving the highways and streets of Austin and seeing the trash along our roadways. Imagine our visitors coming in from the airport... it is overgrown and bulky items and trash discarded along 71. Also, IH35 is a mess north and south. The panhandlers are making it worse; leaving trash on corners and street islands and making drivers uneasy. Please do something to clean up our city.

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I was reading about an ongoing study within the city about determining how a lot of recyclable material does not make it all the way to outside bins. In the case of commercial complexes, I see first hand that this is often in part a result of janitorial staffing combining everything into one bin before taking it outside. While it is partly the responsibility of the people who hire the custodians to make sure they communicate the recycling procedures, I've tried this many times and have often failed because there is a high employee turnover in that field. As soon as the new guys come, all of the waste gets lumped together again.

It is my opinion just from what I've seen that it would be beneficial for Austin Resource Recovery and/or Balcones Recycling to contact the major custodial agencies in the area and send them instructions on how to handle collecting the two types of waste in two differently marked bins. Furthermore, it might be nice to emphasize the reasons why it is so important.

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Both Secret Beach and the Lost Creek Greenbelt entrance (the underpass near the country club) have trash cans. These areas both generate a ton of cans and bottles that are currently being landfilled. Most people at these locations would be apt to place the correct waste in the correct bin, and this would help with Austin's zero waste goal by 2040.

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So far, many of the apartments I've lived in do not have any recycling programs. And the nearest recycling plant is way downtown. Not very convenient.. If Austin is trying to become a no waste city, better recycling is a must.

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Sarah Gunn over 4 years ago

I just finished a two month process of having a recycler pick up old computer hardware.  Most people are not going to keep at this the way I did.  The city needs to have a drop off point for this waste and then have the private companies come and pick it up from there.  Much easier to manage that way and you will get far more waste out of the landfills, particularly bad waste too.

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Cut fuel usage and save labor and vehicle costs by shifting yard trimmings collection to a two-week schedule.  Two-week pickup works great for recycling, and most residents don't really need to have leaves and lawn clippings picked up every week all year.

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