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Please don't narrow/remove driving lanes in order to add/widen bike lanes. The relative benefits are 10's of thousands of people versus handfuls of people.

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Damien Bryson about 1 year ago

I noticed the iron ground covers at the base of some trees are too small and the trees are being choked. Please upgrade these or put stones down like in other areas.

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You can have road signs that are neon and make sense. Like give warning a lane is dedicated to a turn much prior to the the inability to switch lanes and write an arrow on the ground. You could use reflective street paint and more reflectors so that when it rains people can see the road. You can say on the 35 that there is an upper and lower part of the same freeway. You can not put a notice of a toll lane for the left lane in the right lane. You can update the GPS system because every street has 4 names and the GPS constantly offers something that is not on the signs.

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They call it reversible lanes. 3 or 4 lanes to move in direction of prevailing traffic, north in the morning and south in the evening. No need for a wider road but plenty of new lights and painted stripes. Here are some examples on wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reversible_lane#Entire_roadway_routinely_reversed

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People are in mortal danger walking or biking on that road, mostly trying to get to the grocery store from surrounding neighborhoods. Meanwhile, cut through traffic is zooming out of control and there is no way to get to any kind of park or away from cars. It is already in the long range plan but it needs to be moved up to immediately.

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Keep grass, weeds, trees and shrubs trimmed along sidewalks. The city currently does not comply with it's own ordinance (City of Austin Code 10-5, Article 2) requires that grass and weeds be maintained below 12 inches.

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I would like to see the city take initiative and fix potholes and bad roads without being prompted. I understand you can call 311 to get potholes fixed within 24 hours. That does not mean the responsibility of fixing roads should be transferred to the citizen. Take some initiative austin and fix the countless BAD roads in this city that are messing up my car. Riverside drive alone has so many potholes and uneven raised surfaces. I am paying a monthly charge in my utility bill every month for roads yet you do nothing. Please and thank you!

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I am from Florida, one thing I've noticed since moving here, there are almost no indicators that the land you are in is going to merge later. I do not know the exact numbers but it seemed like on slower roads (under 40mph) you got a 200 ft warning before the merge even started, on medium (41-55) it was 400 ft, and higher than that, it was like half a mile. Not just small signs on the side of the road either, big arrows on the assault with big letters that read "merge ahead" or "Lane ending." This will help with traffic and accidents.