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I am concerned about the green areas in the city—little parks, drainage areas, etc.—which I very much enjoy. It appears to me that some of them may have too much undergrowth and be susceptible to catastrophic fires like those in California. Perhaps the city should consider controlled burns in these areas.

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I understand transparency and the need to tell the average voter what their taxes are being spent on. What I don't understand is giving the media every bit of information available - when that could endanger our city personnel. Case in point: New ballistics vests for APD. Nuff said, no justification is necessary. But no, not enough! Anyone that brings a rifle to the party is not acting on impulse, and they believe they can use that greater accuracy and power to further whatever fanatical ideology is driving them. In short, they are thinking and planning. And we just told these people where not to aim. I pray this does not come back to haunt us.

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Robert Rivera, Just a local resident of this beautiful city. 11 months ago

Dear Public Works :

To reduce traffic fatalities in the city of Austin I feel we need merge lane signs. Austin, Texas is the only city I have been to in America where I have not seen any merge lane signs or symbols on the road that indicate a lane is merging. I feel the lack of merge lane signs is a public safety issue and threat to motorist.

I have lived in Austin only a year and I have witnessed many horrible accidents on the road simple due to the fact no warning or indicator exist that a lane is going to merge. The lack of signs and transparency of a merging lane creates a tense atmosphere on the highways and streets of Austin especially when its raining and all of a sudden lanes merge at high speeds with no notice.

The city of Austins population is still growing and with this come more accidents. The lack of merge lane signs poses harm to the families and the people of Austin and I hope this issue in the future will be confronted so we can keep our streets safe.I do not mean to step on anyone's toes but I feel that if we do not tackle this issue that in the future we could be creating more of a work load for fire dept. EMS and police as the population grows in these next few years.

While there is money to be made in accidents for the city and state and federal government and the corporations running hospitals we should never compromise the safety of drivers for a mere buck. If there is a lack of road improvement I feel that our contributory negligence to these road hazards will one day stain the conscious of those that knew they could of worked more to protect our community. Respectively submitted.


Robert Rivera

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The city of Austin, is growing every year and the illegal popping of fireworks in the city is growing with it, this past new years eve was the worse yet that I've ever experienced in the 57 years I've lived here. It seems to do no good calling 311 as there are ridiculously too many for them to handle all cases. Something has to be done it's gotten way out of hand. The city has in place a program that allows civilians to take in order to write citations to those that violate handicap parking why not implement a program that would allow the same for popping of illegal fireworks in the city?

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You could have police officers actually write tickets and impound cars when drivers without insurance hit someone. Right now there are zero consequences for them. I have a better chance of getting a speeding ticket than the police actually giving any consequences to a driver who hits another car or person without insurance. Who is the real hazard? Make tougher consequences.

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Ted W about 1 year ago

I've been seeing a few of these electric Zero Motorcycles around town. The company also customizes for police and security use. I think it would be great if City of Austin, particularly the police department, consider evaluating these for use. They could be used for motorcycle patrol or upgrade the bicycle force. They have a top speed of 100 mph and range of 189 miles, which seems to be equal to most performance motorcycles. They have no emissions so they can be used indoors. They are very quiet so they can be stealthy. There is significantly less maintenance and operating cost than gasoline power. It will help obtain the city goal of carbon neutrality by 2020. http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/fleet/police/

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Austin needs an honest Police Chief who actually respects the law and doesn't throw out the Penal Code, if he ever had one, and doesn't change the laws to suit his wants and needs. A police chief is supposed to be the epitome of the law and actually care about the citizens of Austin and not just himself and the people who can help him until he's used them up for all their worth and then forget they exist. My 71 year old father who was 100% disabled was beaten to death by a 49 year old man over twice his size with at least four assaults and some with deadly weapons in Green County San Angelo and those responsible just the ones reported. My father was beaten so severely his brain stem broke off, all the bones around his eyes were crushed, his ribs were broken, his nose and several bones in his face were broken he had two defensive stab wounds, one diagonal across his right hand and one on the outside of his right forearm and he literally had holes in his head because the murderer kicked him to death!! Acevado was still so angry about the lawsuit filed by the OCD and Major Narcotics Unit he told the Sergeants and Detectives in the Homicide Unit they were not allowed to speak to my husband or me. That murderer wasn't even arrested and to months later he attacked another man in the exact same spot as he murdered my father. Thankfully this man survived but he almost did not and has permanent internal injuries. I'm sure he would have appreciated it if Acevwdo, who was fully aware of my dads murder would have set his personal vendetta aside and acted like the Chief of Police and let the Homicide Unit arrest that animal before he had the chance to attack him. I absolutely refuse to address Acevado as Chief, he has never acted like one and will break any law he sees fit to suit him. When my father was found the 911 caller told communications he had found a man who "had been shot in the head". Detective Bailey never ever showed up to the crime scene. The officers called him several times but finally gave up and my husband had to leave our family for a little while to go to the Homicide Unit and tell them what had happened, Bailey was never even reprimanded for it. This gave the man time to alter and remove evidence. He then claimed my dad "attacked him with w knife" which couldn't be further then the truth. He lied to the detectives over and over and they caught him everytime and his excuse was "well I was scared". That was his excuse eight times in a row. A witness came forward and actually drove to the police station to speak with the lead detective and gave him a name of an individual who knew exactly what happened but they were told "not to interview him". Yes, my dad got himself into trouble for drinking and driving but he did not deserve to be beaten to death. He had been in a motorcycle accident several years which caused him brain damage which made him a child again. Before he left the house for the last time he said "Rosie since I was a good boy today is it alright if I go have a beer right down the street." My parents had just celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary and now she will live with the regret of saying "yes" for the rest of her life. She called Acevado a minimum of 15 time throughout the year and every time she was told "he's in the air rightnow but will call you when he lands". He did not call once. He did everything possible to prevent prosecution of the man who murdered my dad and there are many other proven facts that I am unable to list here because when we get a real police chief there is no doubt that murderer will be prosecuted. I am very sorry to take up so much of your valuable time but after talking with numerous real police chiefs I am sickened by what Acevado has conducted himself. Many officers say he only cares about th high profile cases because they think he thinks if he's on camera enough Steven Speilberg will see him and give him a movie role, unbelievable!! Well my dads case is a high profile case too, he means the world to our family and for Acevado and Troy Gay to treat him as if he's a nobody and just doesn't count is an insult. He died in the worst way possible and Acevado and Gay should be ashamed of themselves!

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Public Service announcements on how to react when approached by police officers for both police and civilians. Role play in the classrooms at an early age on how to react respectfully. How to react, how not to react. Most people do not consider this until it happens.

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Many citizens park along the turn around on Mopac south of 360 in order to enjoy Barton Creek. This area attracts vehicular vandalism. APD could post some officers here to protect the parking area especially in the summer and on weekends.

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American kids keep dying a gruesome death: they are baked alive while being trapped in hot cars, and something MUST be done to stop the slaughter.

www.never4get.us is the most reliable and affordable forget-me-not/lifesaver and it’s designed by a Texan: Me. It’s high time to stop just doing the body count of kids and pets being baked alive every year and implement an intelligent solution.

As an Austinite I’d love if this product would be manufactured in Texas (in Austin it would be even better). It would save lives, create jobs and bring taxes for our state.

Texas is a state with great universities, minds and entrepreneurs, but, unfortunately – although it is not the largest, nor most populous or hottest US state -- it is the US state with the most heatstroke deaths of children forgotten in vehicles (see the appalling numbers at http://noheatstroke.org/state.htm ), which is an inadmissible black eye for this great state.

Texas deserves – and has all it needs -- to be a pioneer in solving this problem.

So how about we organize a contest for Austin residents/businesses (since I make this suggestion on “Speak Up Austin”) or, even better, for the whole Texas, pick up the best concept and show the country and the world how we can FIX a problem rather than whining about it?

Dan Mimis Happy 4th of July!