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Sarah Wesselius at June 13, 2017 at 8:34pm CDT

Incorporate urban rooftop gardens, mini-farms, and greenery as a means to improve community collaboration, farm-to-market produce, air quality, and energy conservation.

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Hello there! My name is Rana Ghana and I am a team member at The Challenger Newspaper, a local street paper here in Austin,Texas for over a decade. Our paper was featured on the cover page of the AustinTexas.gov website until recently when it was re-updated. The Challenger Newspaper provides a valuable resource for homeless, underemployed, veterans, and disaster victims seeking refuge in our city by having an extensive two-page list of resources, health care programs, employment services, and other emergency services available to those suffering on the street or from poverty issues. The city was nice enough to go through with a previous request I had to change the link from saying "The Austin Advocate" which is what the paper was previously named to an updated link saying "Street Paper". I am kindly asking for whoever can see it through to consider featuring a link to The Challenger Newspaper again under the section named Connect With The City. Thank you for your consideration and here is a link to the paper's main page: www.challengernewspaper.org

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Les do this

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Idea: Soda TAX!!

Vanessa Castro about 1 year ago

Let our city be a true leader in health initiatives. Other cities that have started taxing soda saw a decrease by 6% in soda consumption and the money gained could be used for more public health initiatives.

I work for the state, so my income is modest, to say the least. Day care should not be more than my mortgage. And the daycare that is affordable, shouldn't be like stepping into a third world country, nor have a wait list months long.


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Land use and zoning codes only play one part in the food system, but the correct use can impact how communities produce and access food. Austin has entered a vicious cycle when it comes to the the local food system. Austin has lost over 3,00 acres of farmland due to urbanization and the privileging of auto- centric zoning which then leads to less reliable access to fresh produce in those urban areas. 18 % of the population in Austin are food insecure. Some suggestions have been made to the CodeNEXT development board by the Sustainable Food Policy Board: • that encourages density appropriate farming activities • develop food production districts where farms that produce food are preserved • require all new multi family housing developments to create a food access plan • institutionalize community garden property

These additions to the Code’s revision would help to build a more sustainable food culture, help to eliminate food deserts, and increase health disparities by increasing access to healthy, fresh, and affordable foods.

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they can keep each other company , go on walks together . And maybe even with a kindergarten attached

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