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I've noticed that the further east you walk along Lady Bird Lake, the more industrial/neglected the area looks. The boardwalk is beautiful, of course, but I've noticed that the areas under the overpasses are littered with junk (such as an abandoned baby carriage?), which makes me feel a bit wary to walk around there.

As a way to brighten up the area, I would love to see some local artists decorate the concrete pillars under the overpasses on that side of the lake. I think it'd be a great way to draw more people to explore that side of the trail, and make it a uniquely Austin spot. There could be spray painting works of Texas wildflowers or something uniquely Austin-y. I just think it would be a great way to liven up that side of the trail and capitalize on showcasing some great Austin artwork.

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Free events to help teens learn about how and why it is important to take care of our parks, our water and greenbelt. Why it is important to pick up after their pets, how graffiti cost the city and get them out hiking and exploring our trails😊 Teens seem to be left on their own to entertain themselves, it might take the parents getting involved. It has to. E something fun!! There is soooo much for little kids to do in this city, but not for teenagers.

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Since 2011-2016, I have personally taken notice of the depletion of what was a healthy population of Large Mouth Bass. The local Bass residents of downtown lake are still visible and very healthy but not so for aggressive males and Juveniles there. The opposite is to report within upper half of Lake Austin (from dam to dam). For the future of a once a great known and not so known sport fishery, I highly encourage the application at some level of; "Catch and Release Large Bass Mouth over 4 lbs, during the months of March and April, when the spawning occurs. The application should include the entire body of Lake Austin; Downtown Lake (Lady Bird) and From Dam to Dam". Large Bass develop rapidly but in general it takes a 5-9 pound healthy female (Mamasan) 17-20 years to develop onto an essential part of our lake. Very Respectfully submitted for consideration, R.A.A.

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Austin citizens should not have to pay for parking at Barton Springs or Zilker Park. Just because you can monetize anything does not mean you should monetize everything. We should not have to pay for parking at a public park. This is absolutely ludicrous

Republic Square could be a nice location. There are no places for kids in downtown where the kids can play and mom can relax. the trail is nice but is full of bycicles thats is dangerous for our kids because people ride really fast. we have no other options. The capitol area is also nice but there are not play area like swings, slides ...

There is not one off-leash dog park in almost 25 square miles between 35 & 183 and the river & 290. There are so many dogs in this area who need to mingle, build them a dog park! Mueller has a lot of space, Bartholemew Park could be an option, Boggy Creek Greenbelt? These all seem to be good options, but frankly we, the dogs, don't care where it is, as long as we have a place to call home!

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Phil Scott almost 2 years ago

This area beside Lady Bird Lake is 97 acres. The assumption seems to be that because it is presently under private or State ownership that it is a foregone conclusion that it will eventually be more intensely developed than it is now. In 1857, when New York City had a population of 800+ thousand it had the vision to set aside 778 acres for Central Park. In 1873, with a population of 942+ thousand and at the peak of the Robber Baron age, NYC found the wisdom to add yet another 65 acres to Central Park. Austin, with a population approaching 2 million, cannot muster the vision nor the resources necessary to acquire these paltry 97 acres and make them into our very own Central Park, spanning nearly the entire south shore of Lady Bird Lake through downtown. No, instead we play around with a Zoning Overlay Map that will be lucky to survive the first assault by the entrepreneurs. It will become clogged with high-rise condos, restaurants (surely Austin needs more restaurants!), retail and office buildings. I say what this 97 acres needs is to be parkland, with just enough perimeter parking for cars and bikes along Riverside Drive to make it accessible to ordinary folk. If New York with a population of 800 thousand could muster the vision to allocate nearly 800 acres for a Central Park, why can't Austin with its' 2 million find almost 100 contiguous acres for the same purpose? Austin needs to begin acquiring this land as it becomes available and, if necessary, eventually use Eminent Domain to acquire the holdouts. Austin is beyond overdue for some visionary thinking about urban green space.

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I was able to report and complain about graffiti, but was not able to complain about the ugly old sign in the park that has graffiti on it. I wanted to request that the sign be removed. No one uses it. It's reasonably portable. It's near here: https://www.google.com/maps/place/1761+Greenbrook+Pkwy,+Austin,+TX+78723/@30.3051438,-97.697529,18z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x8644c9ff1324ed89:0x7182225fda0bb4ea

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Deborah Byrd, Longtime Austin Resident about 2 years ago

Bartholomew Pool is a beautiful facility, but, at a focus group for City of Austin Aquatics Division last week, I learned that it cost something like $20 million to build. I also learned that an ordinary swimming pool - minus the bells and whistles of Bartholomew (slides, splash pad features, multiple pools in a single setting, etc) - costs something like $2-3 million to build. Bartholomew is packed with people. They are busing children in there. The children of the city of Austin - and especially in East Austin, which I learned lacks swimming pools - need places to swim. Let's don't build any more Bartholomew Pools. Let's build more and simpler pools, so that all the children of Austin have a place to swim near their homes.

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Provide city-sponsored workouts with free nutritional guidance for citizens in underserved areas and food deserts. Involve local eating establishments to sponsor post workout samples.