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Many times requests are ignored or not followed up with and this isn't fair to taxpayers and citizens.

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A well designed flag is important to people who desire a banner to rally under. That sense of connection, that a well designed flag can impart, is priceless,. For example, just look at what Chicago's city flag has done for their citizenry.

Currently, the Austin City flag is what the vexillological community would call a "SOB," a seal on a bed sheet. It speaks to poor design and a lack of creativity. Words should not be on the flag, as the symbolism should speak louder. Please refer to this TED talk for a better understanding of flag design, and note that Austin is an example of bad flag design in the talk:


I know it doesn't seem like a crucial issue, but it is one that is easily redeemed and could pay larger dividends with respect to city pride; in other words, my suggestion offers a lot more reward than risk. Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.

Sincerely, Austin Routt

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Alfredo De La Cruz 5 months ago

Since Austin is a mostly a liberal city, most Austinites would agree that a free college education would only help our country progress. Nonetheless, this city alone can't change this national problem. What we can do, however, is make sure these concerns about our educational system are heard by politicians, so that they are aware that this is a major issue that negatively affects not only liberals but the nation as a whole.

You could change the law that says if you let someone stay one night with you they now have tenant rights and you have to evict them. Ridiculous. Makes zero sense.

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In all these policy discussions, we should get beyond "there ought to be a law." Rules need to be enforced, which bring all sorts of costs, rarely outweighed by any fines levied. So slow down speeders with speed bumps, encourage cross-walk use with pedestrian bump-outs, etc. In other words, provide some immediate, obvious benefit to the individual for the desired behavior, rather than a low probability risk of rule enforcement fines. The same applies to building codes, event procedures, et al. Figure out ways to reward good behavior, not just ways to rule and try to punish bad behavior.

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CityWorks Academy is a unique opportunity for Austin residents to learn about the City's government processes, its procedures and the people who deliver those services.

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FOR MUSICIAN'S: Once per week have traveling concerts on flat bed trucks so they can move around the city or even outside the city to give free concerts! (TIPS ACCEPTED OF COURSE!!) They could rotate bands each week. Sort of a "pop-up" concert! Many musician's in Europe have designated area's in the streets to play. All they need is a little paper work for permission in their designated area. Some of them make allot of money per day. I don't know if you do that here now but if you don't you should.

Idea: Taco

Robert Borrell over 1 year ago

Food safety and health inspection of mobile food wagon or taco stands every 90 days.

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The Grove at shoal creek --> http://www.thegroveatshoalcreek.com/ published the a link that used a very similar URL to email city council members about an agenda item during the Jan 28 meeting. This link http://www.austinspeaksup.com/ abuses the good works that speakup austin does for our community.


Fix Speak Up Austin