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How about the idea that residents should not have to pay to use libraries. The Briscoe Center for American History just announced you will have to pay to park to do research, and the closest parking lot is half a mile away. The Austin History Center and Austin Library is down to one (1) free day a week. Ditto other "cultural instituions": The Harry Ransom Center, the Blanton Museum and the Texas Memorial Museum. The taxes to live here go up, up, up, and amenities to even basics like library access go down, down, down. This is not the direction Austin should be going.

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Bailey Bailey almost 5 years ago

We should get more people to donate to help libraries. Libraries help to promote literacy and an appreciation for reading in all ages, and they make books and computers accessible to all. Currently they are struggling because of their budgets, so I think it is time that many citizens of Austin help out by donating or volunteering at their local libraries.

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Great Hills Trail and Stonelake Blvd, Only a 3 second green for Great Hills Trail?  Not Acceptable.

Who is the clown who programmed this traffic light?  Needs to be adjusted to at least 30 seconds. I cannot tell you how many times this slows down and piles up traffic on Great Hills Trail since people like to stop on green and idle (Those people should be ticketed for doing that!!!)

Another traffic light that needs readjustment is Braker and Rutland.  The light on Burnet should be green longer not on Rutland (which would benefit being a one way street from Burnet to Kramer)

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Susan Pantell over 5 years ago

It would be nice if there were library drop boxes around town, so if there is not a library in your neighborhood, you don't have to travel out of your way to return books or dvds. It can be especially difficult for people who don't have a car. Drop boxes should be located along major thoroughfares like Lamar and at major bus transfer points. They could be paid for by raising the fines on materials that are not returned on time; although you will probably have a much higher return rate with the boxes.

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Idea: Libraries

Wpt Wpt almost 6 years ago

Please provide funds to maintain existing branch libraries!

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Chris Ritecz almost 6 years ago

The Austin Public Library provides essential services to all citizens, including educational resources, community meeting locations, internet access and affordable entertainment. Long term budget cuts have made it difficult to keep some of these well-used facilities from becoming run down and outdated. It is important for the City of Austin to continue to maintain library buildings for the safety and comfort of the patrons and to protect the taxpayers' investment. Let's keep what we have in good, useful condition by supporting the Library Department’s infrastructure renewal projects during the 2012 Bond Development Process.

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The Airport/Northwood/Hyde Park/North Loop neighborhoods do not have a "local" library. Several are within miles of the area, but my family and I go to a rotating selection of them on a regular basis since there isn't one that we consider our home library. Family Connection was the closest thing we had to a book source and it has closed. With 4 elementary schools in the area (RIdgetop, Reilly, Lee and Maplewood), it would greatly benefit our children to have easier access to a library.  Ridgetop is also a dual language school, as is the Escuelita de Alma preschool in the area, and many businesses and families in these neighborhoods would put a bilingual library to good use.

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The Milwood Branch of the Austin Public Library is one of the busiest in the city and is bursting at the seams to accommodate an ever growing population in the area.   It was never built to its planned size and it shows.

However, there is plenty of land for expansion and the city should prioritize the expansion of this branch into a regional hub for the next bond election.  Our part of Austin up north has NO civic space aside from the tiny meeting room at the library, and the creation of full library/cultural center along the lines of the Carver Library is something the residents of our area deserve and have been dreaming about for a decade.  A place we can have candidate forums, art exhibits, and enough room for books and meetings.

The residents are ready to help with planning efforts immediately to get things rolling, we just need the city and the Friends of the Library to get onboard and put this on the bond referendum.