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Breast feeding in Public

Q: Does federal or state law protect a woman’s ability to breastfeeding in public?

A: Yes. Wisconsin law allows a mother to breastfeed her child in any public or private location where the mother and child are otherwise allowed.36 Further, no person may prohibit a mother from breastfeeding her child, direct her to move to a different location to breastfeed her child, direct her to cover her child or breast while breast-feeding, or otherwise restrict a mother from breastfeeding.37 This means women are allowed to breastfeed in restaurants, stores, parks, malls, and other public locations. Breastfeeding in public is not a violation of Wisconsin’s sexual gratification, indecent exposure, or obscenity laws.38

Q: Are there local ordinances that protect a woman’s ability to breastfeed in public?

A: Madison and Dane County both have local ordinances that permit a woman to breastfeed in public, and Madison’s breastfeeding ordinance provides additional protections.39 Madison’s ordinance protects the “expression” of breast milk in any public or private location where a woman (mother or surrogate) is otherwise permitted.40 Expressing breast milk includes pumping as well as breastfeeding. The one exception to a woman’s ability to express breast milk under Madison’s ordinance is that the owner of a private residence may prohibit a woman from breastfeeding or pumping within that private residence.41

. The campaign to provide formula to children began as part of a social movement to liberate women from household responsibilities and to give them the opportunity to maintain their place within the workforce, even after the birth of a child. Since its inception, however, the movement away from breastfeeding has also allowed a redefinition of the use of the breast from an object for feeding a baby to an object of sexual stimulation. Some authors argue that this sexual objectification of the breast has inhibited women from breastfeeding. Whatever the case, current attitudes toward the breast and its exposure in the public arena have definitely colored the issues surrounding breastfeeding’ especially within an employment context. As a result, the social norms regarding breastfeeding have been severely altered since the introduction of formula. See Corey Silberstein Shdaimah, Why Breastfeeding is (Also) a Legal Issue, 10 HASTINGS WOMEN’S L.J. 409, 412-13 (1999). 8. See Heidi Littman et al., The Decision to Breastfeed: The Importance of Fathers’ Approval, 33 CLINICAL PEDIATRICS 214, 214 (Apr. 1994). 9. See id. 10. See U.S. BUREAU OF THE CENSUS, STATISTICAL ABSTRACT OF THE UNITED STATES: 1998 (118th ed. 1998). 11. See id.

A recent KUT article http://kut.org/post/proposal-calls-hotel-tax-revenue-support-more-tourist-affected-destinations

".. Austin residents are no strangers to big events, but all those visitors can take a toll on the city’s infrastructure .. A lot of these things are things that we’re currently funding through property taxes, so if hotel occupancy taxes can be used, then it can relieve some pressure on the general fund and ultimately help lower property taxes .."

Amen to that .. when your property tax is DOUBLE your Federal Income Tax, something is out of whack

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Cindy Chism over 1 year ago

I want to be clear I am not a user of any illegal drugs. We need to legalize marijuana in our city, and tax the heck out of it. Use the funds for only two things 1) more "neighborhood" police officers to help cut down on all of the house and car break ins across the city and 2) LOWER PROPERTY TAXES TO INCREASE AFFORDABLE HOUSING AND HOME OWNERSHIP.

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Pemberton area in Austin (78703) has many "historical" exemptions which later turns into a premium for their already million dollar homes when they sell. Households should have to prove the need for the exemption to keep their property up to standards for the "historical" exemption. I know many who have a HUGE exemption for their "historical" millions plus dollar home that can afford to pay the whole burden (which I have to pay---the whole burden) of their highly valued homes.

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Pete Lopez almost 3 years ago

When I come to Council the room is generally packed for the first 30 minutes by what appears to be Executives from departments. Is it really necessary for all highly priced executives to be there, can an Assistant City Manager over that department answer any questions that council might have? How much payroll and fuel is wasted on this? And then when they leave after the consent agenda is passed they make so much noise it disrupts the meeting.

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