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The You're my Butter Half mural has been vandalized by graffiti. Would we be able to get some people together to fix it back up? It's been there for a few years now and out of all the "new" things it has become part of Austin. It's become a tradition and a staple/icon of our lovely city. It's been made into coasters and other nick nacks. If you could help in any way that would be wonderful. Thank you!

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Hi Would love feed back on if there are any parents on here that would be willing to sign up there 8 -12 year old in a summer day camp that focuses on mindfulness practice, meditation and yoga during the summer? Please leave a reply/ comment.

Thank you!

The sculpture of an oversized dryer vent hose that is in front of city hall is an eyesore. It is not pleasant to look at and gives the impression to tourists that this city has horrible taste in art. It has got to go.

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Damien Bryson over 1 year ago

.... at the intersection of south Congress & Barton Springs needs paint job...looks a bit old and faded??

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We could attempt to implement community based art projects incorporating the children of the schools within each district that can double as an initiative to get creative people ranging from any and all artistic backgrounds, suitable for the target age per campaign, to not only be involved within their community in a positive way nut also getting exposure, possible compensation and another person asking them in some way to perform their passion (that what's we all want really, keeping lights on in my fridge is a bonus). This can segue into initiatives and campaigns of varied interests while still originating within a mutually beneficial situation for the city and it's inhabitants. This could range from from neighborhood productions being done on Oliver Twist or original shorts from each district performed in conjunction at a gala for instance, or a mural where local artists, tattoo artists, students from higher education and even volunteers can help kids paint a mural. It's a good way to beautify the ever increasing development, create community involvement on behalf of corporate entities moving into them and propagate work and press for local creatives and business owners alike. In addition this could be juried through the news or a similar format so the people have a say in what is painted and the children also earn a sense of accomplishment and feel more involved in their participation because their idea was chosen. This is a small example of what I believe to be a large source of interaction with the city and a more varied example of its population through one idea than many ideas I've heard.

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Hi! There are many of us with dogs that like to be active and take them out during the weekend. I propose more walks and festivals specifically for dog and their owners.


This would allow more of their collection to be on display, and we would cherish access to such art -- everyone wins! The Menil: https://www.menil.org/

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Norway invites pedestrians to walk silly. Makes everyone happier


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The synergy of the free symphony show at Auditorium Shores with a ticketed concert of Willie and his friends in Zilker, each with their own contribution to a spectacular fireworks display over Lady Bird Lake, could bring in millions in tourist dollars and make Austin the best place to celebrate our nation's birth south of the National Mall in DC.

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