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Alfredo De La Cruz 6 months ago

Since Austin is a mostly a liberal city, most Austinites would agree that a free college education would only help our country progress. Nonetheless, this city alone can't change this national problem. What we can do, however, is make sure these concerns about our educational system are heard by politicians, so that they are aware that this is a major issue that negatively affects not only liberals but the nation as a whole.


I have noticed, over the last seven years living here in Austin, that the culture of driving has become less courteous, more rushed, more honking, etc.

It seems that a source of this shift may be the many, many people who are not from Texas who have moved to Austin very recently. These new residents  come from different driving cultures all over our country.

I am writing to suggest that the Transportation Department strategically place signs around Austin with the gentle reminder, "Drive friendly, the Texas way." 

When I moved to Texas seven years ago, this simple and lovely message encouraged me to improve the friendliness of my driving. I feel that, if drivers new to Austin see this heartfelt message during their daily commute, they will be more likely to take it to heart themselves.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.  Please, if you would, pass along this message to any appropriate parties.

My hope is that Austin, as it grows so very rapidly, may preserve the small-town culture of courteous, friendly driving that I encountered when I first moved here. 

Hello, my name is Rommy Qattom and I'm currently a student at UT Austin. A few weeks ago, I along with a few of my peers (James Poston, Kirsa Brogdon, and Helen Galli) created an event at UT Austin about improving solid waste management at and around the UT Campus. The purpose of the event was to increase awareness about the importance of proper solid waste management and to have participants generate solutions to improve solid waste management at and around UT. We decided to share the solutions that the participants made with the Austin community in the hope that doing so will help increase their chances of being implemented and to hear what you all have to think about them. Solutions to improve solid waste management at and around UT: 1.) Mandatory program for UT Austin students similar to Alcoholedu that will increase awareness about the importance of proper solid waste management and educate people on what is recyclable and compostable and what is not. 2.) Increase the amount of recycling bins and try and place one next to every currently existing trash can 3.)Place infographics in student dorms that educate students on how to properly recycle 4.)Organize a competition between buildings/colleges at UT in which the different buildings/colleges would compete to achieve the highest recycling diversion rate 5.)Make recycle bins and trash cans see-through 6.) Facts or images on trash and recycling bins that show the importance of recycling 7.) Increase frequency of routes and maintenance 8.) At the UT orientation, administrators can express the campus’s goals to improve solid waste management and show the changes 9.) Have the city and UT showcase litter art and organize activities that increase environmental awareness 10.) More easily accessible trash cans should be put outside of businesses specifically on Guadalupe along West Campus all the way up to 29th in order to allow more waste to be taken off of the streets. As the current situation shows, the current do not hold enough trash, and do not contain the trash well.
11.) Sustainable urban “agrihoods” can be produced through urban farming initiatives. Please let us know what you all think and thank you !

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I noticed the iron ground covers at the base of some trees are too small and the trees are being choked. Please upgrade these or put stones down like in other areas.

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Eric Parker 8 months ago

Stop adding taxes and fees for every pet project to the electric bill. Austin’s municipal power monopoly means new taxes and fees may be levied as an administrative action without input or approval by voters - essentially disenfranchising Austin’s citizens. This must stop! The city should either privatize Austin power (the best alternative), or pass an ordinance preventing non-power generation charges from being assessed. Most communities in Texas enjoy deregulated power at a much lower cost per Kwh than Austin (Dallas residents can enjoy 5 - 6 cents/Kwh vs. the 12 cents from my most recent CoAustin bill). If all these extra fees are a good idea, then they should be able to stand on their own merits.

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You could have police officers actually write tickets and impound cars when drivers without insurance hit someone. Right now there are zero consequences for them. I have a better chance of getting a speeding ticket than the police actually giving any consequences to a driver who hits another car or person without insurance. Who is the real hazard? Make tougher consequences.

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You could change the law that says if you let someone stay one night with you they now have tenant rights and you have to evict them. Ridiculous. Makes zero sense.

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You can have road signs that are neon and make sense. Like give warning a lane is dedicated to a turn much prior to the the inability to switch lanes and write an arrow on the ground. You could use reflective street paint and more reflectors so that when it rains people can see the road. You can say on the 35 that there is an upper and lower part of the same freeway. You can not put a notice of a toll lane for the left lane in the right lane. You can update the GPS system because every street has 4 names and the GPS constantly offers something that is not on the signs.

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I awoke at 7am to the sounds of loud drilling machinery and trucks beeping this Saturday on the property directly across the street. After a week of work and working with a mild case of PTSD, the idea of enduring 1-2 years of this is very distressing. After some research, it seems that Austin has one of the least progressive policies on residential construction noise. There is a cost to quality of life with this obsession with building multiple houses on tiny lots.

They call it reversible lanes. 3 or 4 lanes to move in direction of prevailing traffic, north in the morning and south in the evening. No need for a wider road but plenty of new lights and painted stripes. Here are some examples on wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reversible_lane#Entire_roadway_routinely_reversed

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