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I would like to see the city take initiative and fix potholes and bad roads without being prompted. I understand you can call 311 to get potholes fixed within 24 hours. That does not mean the responsibility of fixing roads should be transferred to the citizen. Take some initiative austin and fix the countless BAD roads in this city that are messing up my car. Riverside drive alone has so many potholes and uneven raised surfaces. I am paying a monthly charge in my utility bill every month for roads yet you do nothing. Please and thank you!

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James Smith almost 3 years ago

The Downtown Traffic is a joke. There needs to be signs put up at each light to notify drivers not to block intersections, and traffic tickets written when they are not followed. It is ridiculous to take 30-40 minutes to travel from 10th Street to Caesar Chavez on Congress Avenue, just because drivers are blocking the intersections due to the congestion on Caesar Chavez. Some drivers do not realize that it IS AGAINST THE LAW to block an intersection due to congestion in their lane.

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Stop discouraging people from installing more solar energy production than they currently use - Austin Energy policy changes over the last two years now cause all production over current use to be lost at the end of each year. This reset is contrary to City policy to encourage and maximize distributed energy production! It actually encourages waste - why not use it if you are just going to lose it at the end of the year?

This change particularly impacted existing customers with more production than use - some had figured the credits into their financial model for PV system payback. It also impacts people who installed extra solar panels to use with future electric car charging.

Suggested options for how to let customers use their credits: * Apply towards other parts of their Austin Utilities or other CoA bills like water and resource recovery, like it used to * Donate the credits towards low income energy assistance program * Send customers a check at the end of the year for the credit amount (automatically or upon request)

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I noticed the City's bond proposal information pamphlet did not mention expected tax increases as a result of the bond measures passing.  It would be useful to know the projected impact of the proposed bond measures on our property taxes.  Could you tell me the expected  percentage increase in property taxes on an average residential property beginning in 2014 if all the November bond measures are voted in.


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Riverside Drive around I35 needs to have a bike lane marked on both sides similar to that on Dean Keaton Ave and I35. Currently cyclist have to ride on the side walk or ride in fast traffic. This is especially important for those crossing over and going westbound towards Travis Heights. There are always pedestrians and joggers on the south side of Riverside going both west and east. This would ease up some of the congestion on the side walks, make it safer around bus stops for both and give cyclist their own lane while riding in traffic.

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I am writing on behalf of the Commission on Immigrant Affairs to see if it is possible to provide translations to internet visitors of the City of Austin's website in the various languages that may be encountered in our city. For example: Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese. 

Please contact the Commission by way of Joe Barnes, liaison to our Commission. His email is: joe.barnes@ austintexas.gov. Thank you for your consideration of our inquiry.


The Commission on Immigrant Affairs

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Currently there is no safe way for cyclists in the S. Congress/St. Edwards neighborhoods to access the shopping center on the NW corner of I35 and Ben White (anchored by Walmart).  Adding a multi-use path in the neighborhoods to the north or west would provide a means for both cyclists and pedestrians to live less auto-dependent lives while avoiding increased car traffic in the area. This same approach could be studied/implemented throughout the city. 

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Note, Capital Metro is working on a similar proposal: https://capmetro.granicusideas.com/all/ideas/improve-functioning-of-this-site

Once an idea has been added, sometimes it goes to an in-progress state, sometimes it goes to an "acknowledged" state where it lingers forever.  It's unclear in theory, but clear in practice that ideas that have been around for decently long will never be acted on.  This leaves a bad taste to the site, as if you're throwing ideas over the wall and somebody on the other side is just checking off "yup, saw it."  It can even retard efforts at change by providing a sort of "placebo change" process where people think that adding an idea to this site had some sort of effect, when in fact it had no effect whatsoever.

I propose instead, commit to respond to the 2 (or 1 or 3 or whatever your capacity is) highest-rated ideas at the end of each month, and at the end of 3 months, archive ideas as not popular enough.  Other ideas can be responded to ad hoc if the appropriate people on staff see them.  That way, 1) users have some understanding of what their idea needs in terms of popularity to be responded to, 2) users don't get an unrealistic idea that every idea will be responded to and therefore don't have to endure forever wondering whether their idea from 2 years ago will ever get noticed.  It can also work to focus a community, instead of losing people among years' worth of old ideas.

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Crossing Braker Ln north south by the Domain and Pickle Research Campus (PRC) is very hard to do on foot. I waited through three cycles of the lights to get a walk signal today at 10:30 am. Better crosswalks and fair signalization are solutions. It would also be nice if the City helped UT to build sidewalks in and out of PRC.

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When I lived in Kansas, credit was given to residents when trash wasn't picked up each and every week. Since I consume mostly whole foods, grow some of my own foods, compost, recycle, use recycled shopping bags, carry my own water bottle etc, etc... I produce VERY little trash. Usually, I only put out one bag per month yet am charged the same as someone that puts out trash four times per month. There should be a better system to reward those whom are eco-conscious and live simple.

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