I am writing on behalf of the Commission on Immigrant Affairs to see if it is possible to provide translations to internet visitors of the City of Austin's website in the various languages that may be encountered in our city. For example: Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese. 

Please contact the Commission by way of Joe Barnes, liaison to our Commission. His email is: joe.barnes@ austintexas.gov. Thank you for your consideration of our inquiry.


The Commission on Immigrant Affairs

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Doug Matthews admin over 5 years ago

Hi, Laura. The site is actually already integrated with Google Translate, which provides a number of translations (with the understanding that they may sometimes be rudimentary). If you check the bottom left corner, you'll see a "translate" button, which will give you a variety of translation options.

- Doug Matthews, Chief Communications Director

Eric E over 4 years ago

Mr. Matthews, with all due respect "Rudimentary" is giving Google Translate too much credit. Several major languages (such as Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi/Urdu, Tamil-- all of which have large, and growing, local populations of speakers) are rendered completely unintelligable at points. I distinctly remember an issue a while back where it would eliminate negation of sentences (for example, it would translate لا أتكلم (I do not speak) as "I speak"

Google Translate can only go so far, and in the case of our immigrant populations, it does not go far enough.

lukenlow lukenlow at November 09, 2017 at 7:55am CST

The idea is not bad but it has already found its implementation in the form of third-party services, but keep on dreaming and you will achieve success