It feels like when we submit ideas on here they just go into the ether. Please explain what the different stages are from idea submission all the way to adoption. Thanks!

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Coapublic Information admin about 6 years ago

Marcus, thank you very much for your post.  As moderator, I review all posts and ideas as they come in.  After ensuring they meet our terms and conditions (i.e., no foul language, etc.), I work with a team of project managers who correspond with City departments to produce a response to the posts. 

Once the department reviews the post and determines a response, they post it beneath the idea; they also change the status bar from "created" or "acknowledged" to either "under review," "in progress," "planned," "completed," or "not planned."  I insist that departments explain to website users why an idea is or isn't in the works or under consideration.  We are aiming to respond in as timely a fashion as possible to each post, and hopefully soon, the reply posts will arrive within a week or so of the original post.

In some cases, the response marks the end of the conversation.  In others, where the responding City department wants to explore it further, we can invite the poster and others who support the idea to discuss it in greater depth in person or online, and that can potentially lead to the adoption of the idea, though it would also likely come before various City Boards and Commissions (Parks Board, Environmental Board, etc.) and the City Council for further review before adoption.

Please feel free to post again or email me ( with other questions.


-Larry Schooler

Moderator, SpeakUpAustin

Community Engagement Consultant, City of Austin

Brian Peterson over 5 years ago

Larry, this is all nice and grand, but begs the question why those in positions of responsibility cannot monitor the appropriate topics and respond directly.

The layer cake approach is not the most effective, nor does it increase teh accountability of the city's servants.

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I'm sure someone will get back to you shortly....