Currently there is no safe way for cyclists in the S. Congress/St. Edwards neighborhoods to access the shopping center on the NW corner of I35 and Ben White (anchored by Walmart).  Adding a multi-use path in the neighborhoods to the north or west would provide a means for both cyclists and pedestrians to live less auto-dependent lives while avoiding increased car traffic in the area. This same approach could be studied/implemented throughout the city. 

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Javier Bonafont over 5 years ago

This is a systemic problem in the whole city.  Highways built as barriers to pedestrians and bikes, and with most of the commercial and retail located on the access roads to those highways.  This needs to be addressed in citywide codes and forced upon TXDOT which is the main culprit in most of this.

Barbara Barbara over 5 years ago

Sunset Valley did a great job with the retail development on Brody. There is a bike/walking path that starts near the Tony Burger Center and you can easily access Kohl's, Barnes & Noble etc. without braving the heavy traffic in the area. Austin should use this as a model.

Coapublic Information admin over 5 years ago

This is currently on-going in some of our shopping centers around town.

Please see this idea for information on what is going on at the Domain:ee

Bryce Bencivengo