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Damien Bryson at May 28, 2016 at 4:40pm CDT

.... at the intersection of south Congress & Barton Springs needs paint job...looks a bit old and faded??

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Damien Bryson at May 28, 2016 at 4:35pm CDT

Sweep and/or Resurface heavily used bike lanes, such as Guadalupe Street around campus. That route, north and south, is unacceptable and dangerous...like riding a rocky trail.

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Idea: Skybuckets

Rollie Cole at May 25, 2016 at 11:15am CDT

Loved the description by Frog Design at a recent TEDx Austin. 1/2 or less the construction cost of fixed rail, yet equally predictable as to location and more predictable as to transit times, capacity, etc. Would also have a lot less impact on the ground -- only the tower footprints and stations, many of which could be at the top of buildings, such as the convention center.

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Rollie Cole at May 25, 2016 at 11:13am CDT

-- a LOT of variety, especially in density, such as having green spaces right downtown (as we do), but also in uses -- left to myself, I would bring back the retail shops where the shop was on the ground floor, and the owner lived above it. The second principle is really bring the science to bear. I love trails in green spaces, but they do NOT have to be impervious concrete. Let's have some contests to find the best kind of trail prep that would have reasonable construction and maintenance cost and would be pervious. I have seen both crushed rock of some sorts and lattice-style concrete work much better than solid in many places.

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Jon Grandstaff at May 18, 2016 at 1:47am CDT

We could attempt to implement community based art projects incorporating the children of the schools within each district that can double as an initiative to get creative people ranging from any and all artistic backgrounds, suitable for the target age per campaign, to not only be involved within their community in a positive way nut also getting exposure, possible compensation and another person asking them in some way to perform their passion (that what's we all want really, keeping lights on in my fridge is a bonus). This can segue into initiatives and campaigns of varied interests while still originating within a mutually beneficial situation for the city and it's inhabitants. This could range from from neighborhood productions being done on Oliver Twist or original shorts from each district performed in conjunction at a gala for instance, or a mural where local artists, tattoo artists, students from higher education and even volunteers can help kids paint a mural. It's a good way to beautify the ever increasing development, create community involvement on behalf of corporate entities moving into them and propagate work and press for local creatives and business owners alike. In addition this could be juried through the news or a similar format so the people have a say in what is painted and the children also earn a sense of accomplishment and feel more involved in their participation because their idea was chosen. This is a small example of what I believe to be a large source of interaction with the city and a more varied example of its population through one idea than many ideas I've heard.

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Affordability is not about taxes or appraisals -- it's about population influx. When so many newcomers flood the real estate market, prices skyrocket. Appraisals are the symptom, not the disease. Yet the City continues to invest in population growth -- development incentives, tax packages to lure employers, Convention Center expansion to attract new residents to our showcases. The Economic Development Department should quantify the market impact of newcomers moving to town on real estate prices, because housing is the disproportionate factor in the affordability crunch. Continuing to entice newcomers when people move here faster than the market can absorb is the worst the City can do for affordability. Everything else is band-aids.

Then, because this is the State of Texas, we get double whammied by Robin Hood school taxation, being forced to pay penalty school taxes because we are forced to pay too much for housing!

Marketing for new residents may be OK when the cost is not too great and when population growth is sluggish or negative. But in a boomtown, it is insane. The excuse about "attracting the kind of jobs we want" just makes it worse, because attracting high paying jobs implies attracting also the service sector jobs to support the high earners. In Austin, boosterism has run amok, and the affordability crisis is the result.

FOR MUSICIAN'S: Once per week have traveling concerts on flat bed trucks so they can move around the city or even outside the city to give free concerts! (TIPS ACCEPTED OF COURSE!!) They could rotate bands each week. Sort of a "pop-up" concert! Many musician's in Europe have designated area's in the streets to play. All they need is a little paper work for permission in their designated area. Some of them make allot of money per day. I don't know if you do that here now but if you don't you should.

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Facial recognition software should be a solution to the ride sharing "issue"

TJ White 18 days ago

Trimming trees and bushes that obscure street signs and stop signs creating dangerous intersections.

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ALOT of people depend on the ride sharing apps, makes me curious to know how it could have been voted out.