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Daniel Bloomer at February 03, 2016 at 6:29pm CST

Add bike lanes on LaCrosse from MOPAC to the Veloway. The Veloway is one of Austins premier cycling facilities and there are bike lanes on the rest of LaCosse. There should be bike lanes from MOPAC to the Veloway.

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The Grove at shoal creek --> http://www.thegroveatshoalcreek.com/ published the a link that used a very similar URL to email city council members about an agenda item during the Jan 28 meeting. This link http://www.austinspeaksup.com/ abuses the good works that speakup austin does for our community.

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Most obvious is Congress Avenue traffic lights that are not synchronized for easy south to north traffic flow in the mornings because after northbound Congress Ave at Cesar Chavez green, the 3rd street & 5th street lights are encountered red. In the evenings, southbound Congress Ave is just a terrible mess of light synchronization to get traffic moving across the river. Many other north-south routes across the river could be improved significantly with a little bit of traffic planning, if the east-to-west traffic (from MOPAC to IH-35) was discouraged by proper light timing to discourage cut-through traffic across downtown Austin during rush-hour conditions.

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This intersection used to be quite sleepy but is now very busy with multiple lanes. Traffic has increased a lot generally, but since the new HEB opened, Torchy's opened, and Berkman goes all the way through, it is quite hard for a cyclist to make a left onto Berkman when going East on 51st. A pedestrian bridge that allowed for bicycle traffic too would make it nice to be able to go safely between Mueller and the park.

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An effort to prevent injuries of cyclists who are unaware of surrounding conditions.

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Ted W 17 days ago

I think it would be really great if Austin had some of these electric buses. They are quieter and non polluting. They can run for hours and only take 10 minutes to charge. I see the buses sitting at the stop at the end of the line at the Park and Ride I use so I know that's more than enough time to recharge while passengers board the bus. I think the ride would be better too. I usually don't like to sit in back because the noise of the engine means I can't listen to music or audiobooks very well, but not an issue with an electric bus. Electric buses have lower operating cost and require less maintenance than diesel buses. Pomona, CA has 15 of these buses. http://www.proterra.com/

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Phil Scott 17 days ago

This area beside Lady Bird Lake is 97 acres. The assumption seems to be that because it is presently under private or State ownership that it is a foregone conclusion that it will eventually be more intensely developed than it is now. In 1857, when New York City had a population of 800+ thousand it had the vision to set aside 778 acres for Central Park. In 1873, with a population of 942+ thousand and at the peak of the Robber Baron age, NYC found the wisdom to add yet another 65 acres to Central Park. Austin, with a population approaching 2 million, cannot muster the vision nor the resources necessary to acquire these paltry 97 acres and make them into our very own Central Park, spanning nearly the entire south shore of Lady Bird Lake through downtown. No, instead we play around with a Zoning Overlay Map that will be lucky to survive the first assault by the entrepreneurs. It will become clogged with high-rise condos, restaurants (surely Austin needs more restaurants!), retail and office buildings. I say what this 97 acres needs is to be parkland, with just enough perimeter parking for cars and bikes along Riverside Drive to make it accessible to ordinary folk. If New York with a population of 800 thousand could muster the vision to allocate nearly 800 acres for a Central Park, why can't Austin with its' 2 million find almost 100 contiguous acres for the same purpose? Austin needs to begin acquiring this land as it becomes available and, if necessary, eventually use Eminent Domain to acquire the holdouts. Austin is beyond overdue for some visionary thinking about urban green space.

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I was able to report and complain about graffiti, but was not able to complain about the ugly old sign in the park that has graffiti on it. I wanted to request that the sign be removed. No one uses it. It's reasonably portable. It's near here: https://www.google.com/maps/place/1761+Greenbrook+Pkwy,+Austin,+TX+78723/@30.3051438,-97.697529,18z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x8644c9ff1324ed89:0x7182225fda0bb4ea

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Our drinking water comes from this lake. And even when in conservation mode, people with lakefront property continue to suck water out of the lake to keep their lawns green.

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How to improve Austin? Actually respond in a timely manner to requests made through the Austin 311 app? I have submitted three different requests over the last 6 or so months regarding the "new" intersection at Brodie Lane & Deer / Davis Lane and have received exactly ZERO feedback or contact. None of the problems have been addressed either. I even put my direct contact information in at least one of the last two asking them to call me to discuss the safety issues. No response.

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