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justchill swh at November 25, 2015 at 12:13am CST

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Elli Avram at November 19, 2015 at 12:51am CST

You are likely to shift to a different location using your complete things as well as residence consequences. However, you get selected your program involving specialist packers and also movers to try and do your chores included in the actual moving. Nevertheless there are a few jobs which often you want to do by yourself simply. Simply no any kind of mover can easily gather certs of one's kids on the classes. Absolutely no mover could advise ones family members and also good friends concerning your own transfer. Also there are numerous some other chores which usually you will have to accomplish all on your own prior to deciding to proceed to another place. Below are a few important matters you might need to comprehensive fourteen days prior to a separation.

Fix as well as manage your current things. You now have to determine that products an individual genuinely wish to exchange and also which in turn objects you choose to reduce. Recall; it truly is moving time will be great occasion to reduce crap goods and also extra possessions. Coordinate some sort of storage area selling to eliminate extra objects as well as acquire some dough. It's also possible to give excessive what to your pals, relations, neighbours or possibly a neighborhood charity. Merely by means of absent useless in addition to unhealthy goods. You might promote this into a dealer in which purchases junks and also waste.

You've got wrap up the majority of objects sooner. In case you don’t include group just about any objects still subsequently continue the actual taking method. Guarantee almost everything will be stuffed as well as referred to as appropriately.

Start off taking in upwards the food products, edible skin oils, ghee, butter, and many others so they don’t proceed throw away.

Ensure that most appointed sheduled delivery, every day subscribers and also energy products and services (newspaper, use, net connection, cellular phone link, wire link, etc) are actually terminated as well as sent straight for your fresh location.

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I live in Oak Hill, and it takes me about 20 minutes to drive to downtown Austin. If I were to take a bus outside of normal workday hours it would take me almost 1.5 hours to get there because it requires two different buses that stop a million times. We have the Oak Hill Flyer that goes northbound in the morning and southbound in the evening, but this only benefits those who work downtown. If there were a direct bus route like the flyer that ran in the evenings, even if it were only every 30-45 minutes, it would be greatly beneficial to those of us who want to go downtown for dinner and enjoy ourselves without having to worry about driving back. It would be much safer for everyone. Additionally, every time there is construction in downtown it seems like more parking spaces are eliminated, so it's becoming more difficult to find a place to park each time I'm there. These routes would help alleviate the additional cars trying to find parking spaces. I'm sure mine is not the only neighborhood that could benefit from direct-to-downtown bus routes. It would at least be worth surveying the neighborhoods to find out if there is enough interest in additional routes like this to make it practical.

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Alan Hampton at November 18, 2015 at 10:38am CST

Many items on speakupaustin cannot be read when viewed on mobile devices. The park events discussion is a good example. Text appears as a single character vertical line running down the right side of the screen. Please fix the forum so that it is useful on all access devices, not just PCs.

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Eliminate racism from the city's healthcare systems, judicial and criminal justice systems, educational systems, political systems, economic systems. . . all the systems.

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Utilize manual control of traffic lights to control traffic into/out of events. The city of Houston does this very effectively. Law enforcement personnel plug into the control boxes for traffic lights at intersections and manually control the flow of traffic. It escapes me why Austin has not deployed this tactic to keep traffic flowing. Normal traffic light sequences are not adequate during special events.

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Nathan Howard at November 16, 2015 at 7:00pm CST

There have been several instances involving incorrect and negligent over billing of our utility bills with Austin Energy. Upon trying to resolve said issues with Austin Energy I was often met with heavy resistance and animosity. In every phone call made, of which I made no less than a dozen just this year, I was able to seemingly resolve said issues. However, the next month none of the resolutions would be accounted for, late charges would be applied, and my account would be in delinquent status. I would, once again, call to resolve these issues. Any new employee I would speak with would have no knowledge of my prior conversation and see no notes in their system regarding said conversations. This inability to locate notes on previous conversations is not an isolated incident, it is literally, not figuratively, happening every time I call. The latest negligence has been a late charge being applied to our account for this current month, and we have documentation showing our bill was paid 3 days early. While viewing my billing history I also found several instances where I was "rebilled" several waste water charges that I had already paid on previous bills. When I asked Austin Energy why this was happening they could not give me an explanation. Allegedly, this was being escalated to a "supervisor" that would get back to me once they determined what happened and would provide me with a resolution. Needless to say that resolution was never provided, I was never even so much as followed up with regarding this issue. I was also told my account was set to undergo an internal audit by two separate customer service representatives, and a supervisor, on three separate occasions. I was never again contacted regarding these supposed audits, and was never provided with any sort of findings. I have zero confidence that my bill is accurate at any time. There is absolutely no accountability or consequence for my bill being wrong. If I choose not to pay the incorrect bill, they shut off my water and power. They refuse to meet in person, they will not identify themselves with more than a first name on the phone. Any time an error is brought to their attention they claim to fix it and don't. Once you notice your error was not addressed, you have to call back in and sit on hold for at least half an hour, then get someone on the phone that claims to have no knowledge of your problem and can do nothing to help you. You are forced to either pay the wrong bill, or sit through this endless cycle every month, sometimes two or three times a month. They hold people hostage with their billing and we are powerless to do anything about it because the city of Austin forces us to use this provider.

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d chang at November 16, 2015 at 4:39pm CST

I have only once in my 14 years in Austin seen APD stop a red light runner. And that was after I yelled at the policeman.

But I've only seen someone run a red light once in Austin. HA HA HA just kidding. I see red light runners EVERY DAY.

Not only does this encourage the impression that APD is useless and blind, but it endangers lives and costs lives all the time. IMHO, lack of enforcement + lack of traffic cameras + bad traffic light synch + traffic frustration = systemic failure.

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d chang at November 16, 2015 at 4:33pm CST

Have you clicked on the FOLLOW button to be notified on updates and comments on an idea here?

Guess what? It doesn't email you when anyone comments. It does nothing. Maybe that's why the city is unresponsive on some of the issues here -- they are probably not getting any updates either...!

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Kate Tester at November 16, 2015 at 2:50pm CST

I live in Western Trails near Westgate. The outer perimeter of the neighborhood has sidewalks, but not the neighborhood. People use streets like Roundup and Frontier Trail as thoroughfares between Westgate and Manchaca, trying to get to 290/71 and Mopac faster. We don't have sidewalks or enough street lamps to walk around.

I am sure there are other neighborhoods like this, so I'd like to open this up to all neighborhoods. Vote and add your neighborhood name.

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