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solar road ways are here lets replace old road ways with clean energy. Lets face it we are going to have to rebuild or replace almost all of the roads in austin due to over population lets just replace them smartly with solar roads. https://www.facebook.com/pakscienceclub/videos/10152510729393518/?pnref=story

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Amanda Seats at April 18, 2015 at 1:12pm CDT

I don't know if this is the case in other parks, but it seems like fire ant nests are taking over Pease Park. They are an invasive species and easy to treat with a broadcast bate (in the play ground area and adjacent fields). Could this possibly be done in our park?

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Idea: Zilker CAFE

Diane Walker at April 17, 2015 at 4:11pm CDT

Please .. this is so close to where people are running & swimming. What we do NOT need are smelly items .. just keep it simple. Fruit, salad, smoothies, healthy healthy and NON-cooking. Exercising near restaurants cooking & the smells filling the air is the last thing we need in the midst of exercising. Do you know how hard that is??? Keep the park what it is please .. simplicity.

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I received a reference to "Conversation Corps" with my electric bill this month. I would like to know how atxtalks.org differs from speakupaustin.org. I like the grassroots nature of speakaustin.org, while atxtalks.org seems top down "you talk only about these topics" approach. Since the electric bill refers to AISD also using atxtalks.org, I was hoping that Austin ISD adopts a parent forum along the lines of speakaustin.org. Can AISD parents post here for topics that are of interest to AISD communities?

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The City of Austin has announced a comment period on the draft Austin Climate Plan through April 10, but when I go to the Climate Plan forum it says that the forum is closed. Strangely, it also says that the forum is open to comments and voting but I am unable to enter any comments. If you want public involvement you need to make it easy for the public to give you the input you're requesting!

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Enact ordinance to require all businesses to post the street number of their locatio. It's hard to believe that most businesses don't have their address posted, whic is hard to beleive in a city of this size. It makes it very difficult to locate yourself without a iphone with GPS.

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is great, except the poles set up to block cars from driving in it prevent the street sweeper from cleaning it up. If I wanted to ride my bike on that bike lane my tires could pop, or a kid could fall off a bike and possibly hurt themselves on trash, like glass, needles, or even parts of cars. Good thoughts, but needs more foresight.

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A. Austinites work and commute to and from all corners of the city. Work centers are not centralized, nor should be a mass transit system that properly accommodates them. Centralized mass transit only works in cities where work centers are relatively centralized.

For a mass transit system to become useful enough for people to truly consider using in Austin and surrounding areas, it must be capable of connecting them from their small corner of the city or suburb to their destination in another corner or suburb quickly and efficiently. The current system and recent proposals clearly do not accomplish that, hence most of us continue to use our own transportation.

B. Before a workable mass transit system can even be proposed, analysis of the best means to connect the majority to their final destinations efficiently needs to be determined, summarized and clearly communicated. Easily said, but no small task here in Austin due to the plethora of non-centralized work centers. This is by far, where the real work needs to be done.

C. After sufficient analysis, a tenable set of plans will become apparent. These will need to be reviewed with feedback from all of us, as we are the potential users. (Until we all agree the plan is useful enough for each of us to actually use, it will need more work.) In this context, "sufficient analysis" means taking a honest look at commuter true needs and psychology and create a system that fully accommodates the realities.

D. When there is public consensus that a set of tenable proposals exists, then the system can be built, step by step, starting with the areas of highest need and usage first.

E. What is this system that can accomplish the seemingly impossible?

Conceptually, it is a combination of extremely well-planned N-S and E-W rail in the four corners of the city; combined with smaller, nimble commuter shuttles, buses and/or trains at each of the criss-crossing hubs, that distribute people to/from their final/initial destinations - the spokes of each wheel.

Implementation: The prior paragraph introduced the concept. Analysis will reveal the need for more than four major intersecting rail points. It will likely be ten to twelve, three of which will be distributed through central Austin, the remaining being at major distribution points at the corners of the city: 71/290 W, Hwy 360 center and at each end point, E. Ben White, S. Cedar Park, Specific Loop 1 segments, Parmer and others. Additionally each rail will need to have multiple trains running simultaneously, with a side tracks built to support segmented group stops per train, the concept being that some trains on the track only travel end-to-end, while others divert to localized stops along the track path and then rejoin the main track. Like any train system, the user will need to know which train letter or number goes to the desired end-point. Precise timing between trains is required and easily accommodated with today's technology. Frequently tested, fail-safe track safety measures are a requisite.

F. Much more could be written on the actual intersecting hub locations and the satellite commuter shuttle system - that is left to a proper study of forecasted needs. The goal here is to simply introduce the vision that a functional non-centralized system is required. With the correct vision, and good planning, the pieces can come together, bit by bit.

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Not like the one voters turned down in November. We need to do something that goes from south Austin to north Austin and then connect east and west Austin and all other parts of Austin. We also need to but Busses where there are not Busses here in Austin

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When I come to Council the room is generally packed for the first 30 minutes by what appears to be Executives from departments. Is it really necessary for all highly priced executives to be there, can an Assistant City Manager over that department answer any questions that council might have? How much payroll and fuel is wasted on this? And then when they leave after the consent agenda is passed they make so much noise it disrupts the meeting.

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