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Basel, Switzerland and a number of other cities have a hospitality tax that is paid on any overnight stay at a hotel, motel, short term rental, etc. Each guest receives a pass that gives unlimited access to public transit options for the time of the stay. This increases ridership, promotes sustainable methods of getting around, keeps car off the roads (especially ones with people who don't know their way around), and it helps subsidize the public transit networks for those who live here full-time.

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I would like the City of Austin to purchase land and build a road that connects Southwest Parkway and US Hwy 290W.

Link to drawing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ehi3etkeev7b42r/SW_num4.jpeg?dl=0

What I propose: - A new road extending from Southwest Parkway, directly east of Mission Oaks Blvd, joining up with Industrial Oaks Blvd at Hwy 290W service road that has an existing traffic light. - Put a street light in at Mission Oaks Blvd and Southwest Parkway. - Remove street light at Boston Lane and SW Pkwy and fill in median.

What this will achieve: - Makes a true connector from SW Pkwy to Loop 1 and Hwy 290 and visa - versa. - Eliminates the backup of SW Pkwy at the Best Buy interchange to Loop 1 and Hwy 290. - Relieves the existing congested traffic from Boston Lane in both directions. - Removes the danger that exists when exiting Industrial/Monterrey Oaks Blvd exit from Hwy 290W (while heading west) and crossing over to Boston Lane to get to Southwest Parkway. - Allows residence of Travis Country to be able to leave on foot or bike with access via Industrial Oaks Blvd / Monterrey Oaks Blvd to shopping, schools (Patton Elem and Small Middle), and Westcreek Fields. - Discourages heavy traffic through private parking lots (like Parkwood Complex)connecting Southwest Parkway and US Hwy 290W.

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