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Scott Martinez at April 26, 2016 at 1:19pm CDT

Reverse Sabine street flow between 7th and 4th. There by allowing Uber and Lyft cars to avoid 7th street congestion between San Jac and Trinity in favor of dropping off on 6th between Sabine and Red River (an empty block when Sixth is closed at frontage on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and during big events )

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Ted W at April 17, 2016 at 2:08pm CDT

A company in Australia invented a self serve dog wash called a K9000. It's apparently really popular. I wanted to suggest City of Austin may want to operate a public dog wash. The machine needs little maintenance and can be open 24/7. I think it would be popular enough that operating one will provide additional revenue for the city. I'm thinking the animal shelter or dog parks would be good locations. http://www.trubludogwash.com.au/

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It's pretty self-explanatory. Where the majority of traffic is travelling, offer park and ride solutions. Provide the big, nice buses with wi-fi. Just imagine, for every full bus, we could take 50 people off the road. FIFTY!

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o •As the City of Austin goes through the Code Next process and thinks about the future sustainability and livability of the city, one thing that needs to be a top priority is how can you ensure that newly constructed residential and commercial structures blend seamlessly into the natural environment with little impact on its natural beauty

o •In a perfect world the buildings we work, live, play and learn in, would stand unassuming against the natural landscape and environment of Austin

o •One way to ensure that we preserve the beauty of Austin’s natural environment is through masonry construction

o •Masonry Products, such as brick, block and stone, are all composed of naturally occurring products. Masonry Construction comes From the Earth for the Earth – a truly green industry.

o •Brick is made of clay that is fired at different temperatures to create a wide variety of colors from rich whites to dark reds and even shades of brown

o •Block is also made of concrete which is made of naturally occurring materials such as sand, clay, water and limestone and concrete blocks can be created in a variety of colors, shapes and textures

o •Stone is just what it says, simply natural rocks such as limestone and sandstone that are pulled directly from the earth and used in their natural form for construction

o •Non-Natural and non-masonry building products such as EIFS, stucco and fiber cement contain chemical additives that could potentially harm the Austin environment and leave a very dangerous carbon footprint on the City.

o •Notably, when a masonry constructed building or home is torn down, the masonry materials can be easily be recycled or simply be returned in their natural form from which they came…the earth

o •Beyond these benefits of masonry construction lie other benefits that are not visible to the eye • Masonry is energy efficient – due to its thermal mass, masonry constructed homes stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter reducing the carbon footprint of heating and cooling through electricity • Masonry is strong and durable – the oldest freestanding homes, walls and buildings in the world are built of masonry such as the great wall of China, the coliseum in Rome and 1800 year old homes in Europe. • Masonry requires no maintenance – Unlike wood, stucco, EIFS, fiber cement siding and metal, you simply do not have to paint masonry…..once it’s up it’s up forever in its all natural form • Masonry is safer – Windblown debris during storms and tornados are the number one cause of death during those events……test show that windblown debris from a category 3 tornado cannot penetrate masonry walls • Masonry does not burn – Unlike word, fiber cement siding and EIFS, true masonry such as brick, block and stone simply will not burn or release hazardous chemicals when exposed to fire. Moreover, brick also provides a I hour fire resistance rating. • Masonry is beautiful – Masonry buildings and homes stand the test of time and remain beautiful for generations. In addition, Masonry buildings stand the test of time which prevents blight and the deterioration of neighborhoods which can lead to issues with gentrification.

All of these facts about the benefits of masonry - brick, block and stone - are important to consider as you move forward with your vision for the City of Austin.

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Idea: Thin Cars

Michael Weiser, Thin Car Guy 28 days ago

I would trade the unused passenger side of my car for faster driving and parking in a thin car. The only single-width, highway-capable, standard doors, standard windows, roll-cage framed, steel-bar protected car is the Tango invented in Spokane, WA by Rick Woodbury. See www.commutercars.com

It's time to offer a thin car share program as a transportation mode to mitigate congestion and improve air quality.

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The only recycling center is in South Austin. North Austin needs the same in order to easily recycle hazardous waste and items that can not be recycled weekly. It is an inconvenience to have only one facility so far away from those living in North Austin.

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Nadia Knops about 1 month ago

Hi! There are many of us with dogs that like to be active and take them out during the weekend. I propose more walks and festivals specifically for dog and their owners.

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Idea: SW Parkway

Sharon Brantley about 1 month ago

Address the needs of SW Parkway...add bike lanes, clean up the debris, lower the speed limit, and make it easier to enter Mopac

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We just got another notice in the mail that there are plans to create another warehouse at Burleson RD and 183. I was really hoping that land would be multi use for residents. I live in Colorado Crossing on Burleson and Mckinney Falls. They just built the new Addison subdivision right next to where the warehouse will be. What is the city doing to get citizen accessible shops, stores, parks, etc in this area. Pretty soon there wont be any land left for that. The bad thing I think is that these warehouses aren't even full. Why let companies keep building them if they are not even occupied completely?

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APD was working overtime during SXSW to write parking tickets (left wheel to the curb?, Really?!). Neighborhood streets were overflowing and every legal spot in Central Austin was parked. Except for the ones at the Terrazas Branch library located right where they could have done the most good.

Please take down the iron gates and allow the public to park in this lot after hours while the library is closed. There is absolutely no reason that this public resource should be left unused for half the day in an area where every car parked in that lot would be one less car parked on a residential street.

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