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Tur Partners is exactly what is wrong with the City's plans - why would you hire a Chicago firm connected to known graft to come here?! Their "world class parks" mean losing our individuality (the awesome dog park for example) and having instead a cookie cutter plan that limits citizen park use in favor of tourists and events. Or quietly trying to do away with neighborhood pools in favor of a mega-suburban style "aquatics center" only on the eastside?

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As a native Austinite, I'm proud our city attracts business/culture, etc. I know the economy is boosted and that's good, however....enough is enough!

Traffic is out of control and affordable housing is practically extinct. The infrastructure can't keep up and crime is bad, as well. All is not fair or equal in Austin and there's no turning back now....or is there?

By putting a CAP ON POPULATION GROWTH, the city could take a breather and attempt to catch up with the problems we are currently experiencing. I don't see that become "cosmopolitan and international" is the priority.

The ugly truth is that if a person is not a millenial, high tech, extremly athletic or "monied"....well then lust get out of the way and out of sight. Folks with less income are practicaly being "herded out to pasture." Taken a look at Northeast Austin lately? Being priced out or gentrified out of a beloved neighborhood is not good, cool, right, fair or kosher!

There is enough money in Austin; there are enough people in Austin. PUT A CAP ON GROWTH NOW! At the very least, attach some sort of fee to moving here. Most of the people coming in can well afford it.

Stop the land grabbing, eminent domaining and plain old greed...did we not learn anything from our not so distant history?

Not just whining here City Council. Think about it.

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This is about electric vehicle charging station etiquette. Lot of EV vehicle charging station spots are taken by non electric cars, just because they are available. That make it very hard for an EV driver to park at designated spots. What we need is exactly same rules as Handicapped parking violations. Just mark the charging station parking spots for EV ONLY and post the fine amount if some one violates. This is really simple, can be very effective. Thank you Austin!

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Bus lines need to come more frequently. Waiting 30 minutes between buses will not encourage ridership. We need stops every 15 minuted or 20 max. Otherwise, we are losing riders and further increasing cars on the roads.

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Erica Hernandez about 1 month ago

solar road ways are here lets replace old road ways with clean energy. Lets face it we are going to have to rebuild or replace almost all of the roads in austin due to over population lets just replace them smartly with solar roads. https://www.facebook.com/pakscienceclub/videos/10152510729393518/?pnref=story

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I don't know if this is the case in other parks, but it seems like fire ant nests are taking over Pease Park. They are an invasive species and easy to treat with a broadcast bate (in the play ground area and adjacent fields). Could this possibly be done in our park?

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Idea: Zilker CAFE

Diane Walker about 1 month ago

Please .. this is so close to where people are running & swimming. What we do NOT need are smelly items .. just keep it simple. Fruit, salad, smoothies, healthy healthy and NON-cooking. Exercising near restaurants cooking & the smells filling the air is the last thing we need in the midst of exercising. Do you know how hard that is??? Keep the park what it is please .. simplicity.

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I received a reference to "Conversation Corps" with my electric bill this month. I would like to know how atxtalks.org differs from speakupaustin.org. I like the grassroots nature of speakaustin.org, while atxtalks.org seems top down "you talk only about these topics" approach. Since the electric bill refers to AISD also using atxtalks.org, I was hoping that Austin ISD adopts a parent forum along the lines of speakaustin.org. Can AISD parents post here for topics that are of interest to AISD communities?

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The City of Austin has announced a comment period on the draft Austin Climate Plan through April 10, but when I go to the Climate Plan forum it says that the forum is closed. Strangely, it also says that the forum is open to comments and voting but I am unable to enter any comments. If you want public involvement you need to make it easy for the public to give you the input you're requesting!

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Enact ordinance to require all businesses to post the street number of their locatio. It's hard to believe that most businesses don't have their address posted, whic is hard to beleive in a city of this size. It makes it very difficult to locate yourself without a iphone with GPS.

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