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Jennifer Marchman at July 02, 2015 at 2:37pm CDT

If you have ever been to Chicago or Amsterdam, you have witnessed how powerful an iconic city flag can be. Austin's flag is a boring SOB (Seal on a Bedsheet). Austin is overflowing with creativity. Let's redesign our flag to reflect that.

"I've seen firsthand what a good city flag can do in the case of Chicago. The marriage of good design and civic pride is something that we need in all places. The best part about municipal flags is that we own them. They are an open-source, publicly owned design language of the community. When they are done well, they are remixable, adaptable, and they are powerful. We could control the branding and graphical imagery of our cities with a good flag, but instead, by having bad flags we don't use, we cede that territory to sports teams and chambers of commerce and tourism boards. Sports teams can leave and break our hearts. And besides, some of us don't really care about sports. And tourism campaigns can just be cheesy. But a great city flag is something that represents a city to its people and its people to the world at large. And when that flag is a beautiful thing, that connection is a beautiful thing."

Submissions should follow these design guidelines: 1. Keep it simple. 2. Use meaningful symbolism. 3. Use two to three basic colors. 4. No lettering or seals. Do not use writing of any kind because you can't read that at a distance. 5. Be distinctive.


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Nitin Pabuwal at June 26, 2015 at 11:17am CDT

Many wonderful organizations like Front Steps, Caritas of Austin, The Salvation Army, etc. serve the homeless so that they can spring back into self-sufficiency with dignity. They provide a multitude of important services like shelter, food, cleaning, healthcare, case management, housing, employment search, phone and mail facilities, transit passes, computer and internet access, and much more.

But there is one very basic and important need that is not getting fulfilled completely - Hygiene. These organizations hand-out hygiene items for free to the homeless but are not able to meet all the needs. These include items like razors, deodorants, tooth brushes, tooth pastes, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, etc. The Austin Resource Center for the Homeless (ARCH) alone provides hundreds of showers every single day to men and women so the need is huge!

Hygiene is very important for many reasons, like: - Reducing risks of diseases and other health issues - Making people feel clean and good about themselves - Helping them be more presentable so that they have better chances at jobs and relationships which are key for bringing them out of this vicious state of homelessness

This is such an important human need and its so unfortunate its not getting fully served. The homeless are some of the most deprived people in the society so please help them in ways that can make a real impact in the quality of their lives!

You may extend your support here: http://www.youcaring.com/a-very-important-need-of-the-homeless

I will utilize each and every dollar of your generous donation to buy hygiene items at low cost in bulk from wholesale stores and bring them to the various organizations in Austin that hand them out to the homeless.

Thank you so much for making a real difference! Please also share this within your circles. Larger the reach, better the chances of us making a significant difference!

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I was reading about an ongoing study within the city about determining how a lot of recyclable material does not make it all the way to outside bins. In the case of commercial complexes, I see first hand that this is often in part a result of janitorial staffing combining everything into one bin before taking it outside. While it is partly the responsibility of the people who hire the custodians to make sure they communicate the recycling procedures, I've tried this many times and have often failed because there is a high employee turnover in that field. As soon as the new guys come, all of the waste gets lumped together again.

It is my opinion just from what I've seen that it would be beneficial for Austin Resource Recovery and/or Balcones Recycling to contact the major custodial agencies in the area and send them instructions on how to handle collecting the two types of waste in two differently marked bins. Furthermore, it might be nice to emphasize the reasons why it is so important.

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Landon Laws at June 25, 2015 at 3:45pm CDT

While I appreciate the bike lanes on Jollyville, I really do, I still feel really unsafe because the cars go significantly faster on that road. Unfortunately, it is also by far the fastest route to get from downtown to Research Park (where I work). The roads are currently being redone there anyway, so it would be ideal if a small buffer zone could be added between the car lanes and the bike lanes. Thanks!

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Both Secret Beach and the Lost Creek Greenbelt entrance (the underpass near the country club) have trash cans. These areas both generate a ton of cans and bottles that are currently being landfilled. Most people at these locations would be apt to place the correct waste in the correct bin, and this would help with Austin's zero waste goal by 2040.

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Franz Belz at June 24, 2015 at 4:15pm CDT

Install lighting at Zilker Volleyball Courts so that people are able to use them when the sand is cooler. It should be more environmentally friendly in the long run, considering that water may not be used as much to cool down the sand. The other option would be that people would simply play more.

Overall, I think adding lights might create a nice volleyball community, allowing players to play in a better climate and court condition.

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I find it ironic that Austin says its bicycle friendly, but Road/Public Works won't put maintenance signs out in a way that gives those using two wheels have a chance to choose a different route. Road/Public Works are also blissfully unaware or unconcerned about the need to warn for road grading, fresh tar, and loose gravel. Last time it iced, city crews also dumped sand everywhere, and one APD's motorcycle cop went down. I passed a section of graded road this past weekend that was extremely dangerous, and the only warning was one sign a couple of feet before the change in road surface. That's too late when you are on two wheels!

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There are a lot of home owners in East Austin residents are being pushed out of the neighborhood due to Gentrification and high prices. I hear a lot of them say that they would like to live in East Austin but cannot afford it. My idea is that the city should make a Fannie May kind of lending service that will help the low income East Austin home owners rebuild by adding rentable space, like a small studio or where zoning allows, a small store in the front. This will help them pay mortgage and property tax and may be get some income. The city will only warranty the loans. Also, the final value of the property will be above the loan amount so everyone wins.

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Please cut the brush back along Roxie Dr at the intersection of Roxie Dr and Pond Springs Rd in North Austin

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Austin is starting to look slummy How about getting rid of high weeds and trash along the highways and streets

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