The City of Austin is currently developing the operating budget for fiscal year 2012. Based on revenue projections and spending cost drivers, the City is looking to close a budget gap of $9.8 million. This assumes a three cent increase in the current tax rate (per $100 of assessed property value).

 In recent years, the City of Austin has taken numerous steps to reduce expenditures. For example, in fiscal year 2010 all City employees went without pay increases. In fiscal year 2011 the City eliminated and repurposed vacant positions in several departments, repurposed funding for the Trail of Lights toward parks grounds maintenance, and reduced funding for the LBJ High School Fire Academy.

Use this forum to post your ideas on how Austin could further reduce expenditures or generate new revenue.

Once you post make sure to share your ideas on Facebook and invite your friends to join speakupaustin!

Check out the following links for more information about the budget and other ways to get involved.

Budget Public Meeting Schedule

FY 2012 Proposed Budget Volume I

FY 2012 Proposed Budget Volume II

FY 2012 Board and Commission Meeting Summaries 

FY 2012 Budget Reductions Addendum

FY 2012 Proposed Budget Presentation to Council

FY 2012 General Fund Forecast (pdf and video)

 FY 2012 Enterprise Funds Forecast (pdf and Austin Energy video, Austin Water and Solid Waste Services video, Watershed/Transportation/Public Works video)

FY 2012 Unmet Service Demands Requests

FY 2012 Potential Budget Reductions

 FY 2011 Approved Budget General Fund

FY 2011 Approved Budget Enterprise Funds

 FY 2010 Annual Performance Report 

Horizon Issues Report and Update

Chris Self over 6 years ago

Reduce the billing statement to a single page!  It will reduce waste of and cost of paper for the billing department...hopefully to be passed on to City Utility customers.

Chris Self

512 288-3205

22 Votes In Progress
Austin Energy over 6 years ago

The City of Austin will be launching a new billing system in October 2011. This includes a new bill format with enhanced features for both the City and our customers. The current format bills each property address separately, creating a paper statement for each property requiring its own envelope and mailing. The new format will bill according to a customer’s account number, meaning that all property addresses attached to a certain account or customer will be included on one bill. This will greatly reduce the amount of paper required to bill customers and will make it easier for customers to keep track of their utility use and payments. In addition, we’ll be promoting our online billing and payment services which can be accessed at The site allows customers to pay bills, view utility consumption information, make service requests, and update account information.  

Dana Dana over 6 years ago

I use online billing and find it very efficient.  In addition to bill pay, it allows me to easily view eletric and water consumption trends.  I like that the City is planning to promote online billing; I'd take it a step further and consider a small fee for paper bills, as online billing should work for the vast majority of customers.

asma hassaan 10 months ago

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Nacho Vidal 21 days ago

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lukenlow lukenlow at November 09, 2017 at 7:51am CST

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