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So many places are offering compost / organic waste collection via dedicated bins or sections of trash bins (see attached image from Ottawa).  While many of us compost at home, it's kind of a hassle and many people won't take the time to do it. 

But, if there's a dedicated bin or section of existing bins for organic waste, a lot more people would make the small effort to separate their garbage.  It seems like a little thing but just see how much of your total garbage bag is organic waste that could be diverted from a landfill and even used as a fuel source in a bio-energy plant.

At the very least I feel that we could start a smaller pilot program and let people sign up to try out the service.  Other cities like Barcelona, San Francisco, Ottawa and so many others are doing very well with this type of program and there's no reason for Austin to be lagging! :)  In fact, we should be leading the way.

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Miriam Hamblett about 6 years ago

This is a great idea.  It will involve some education-like what can be put in the organic compost bin- no meat products.

And some of this compost could be made available for the public garden areas-meaning the areas people use for community produce gardening. 

Dan Moilanen about 6 years ago

The city could also sell some of the composted soil to the public for their own private/community gardens to help off-set costs.  Natural compost is one of the best additions to already acidic soil (pretty much all of Austin). 

Jacqueline Jacqueline about 6 years ago

This idea is solid, clearly labeled and already works. It can be done...why Austin isn't already on board is the bigger question.

Brandon Brandon almost 6 years ago

I hope this answers your questions.




Coaaustin Resource Recovery admin almost 6 years ago

Thank you for your suggestion to encourage Austin residents to compost.  Based on your support for a citywide composting program, I think you'll be happy to know about some of the compost programs already in place in Austin and others that are in the planning stages.

As you may know, the City currently has weekly curbside collection of residential yard trimmings.  Our crews take the yard trimmings to Hornsby Bend and the Austin Water Utility composts the material to make their award-winning 'Dillo Dirt.  In addition, the City has a home composting rebate program offering eligible residents up to 75% off the cost of a home composter.

Along these lines, the City is also sponsoring a Restaurant Recycling Pilot Project this fall to evaluate effective ways to recover food scraps and other recyclables from commercial operations.

- Austin Resource Recovery (formerly Solid Waste Services)