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The senior (65+) and pre-senior (55-64) populations are two of the fastest growing in Central Texas. The Mayor's Task Force on Aging is collecting feedback from community members on how we can improve the quality of life for seniors in our area. Please feel free to contribute any issues you see, your ideas for overcoming these issues, or comments in general. There are a few questions to help guide you if you're interested. Additionally, if you are 55 years of age or older, please feel free to participate in our survey:

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Topic: Challenges

What specific problems do you think are facing the aging community in Central Texas?

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James D over 1 year ago

Transportation. My suggestion? Put back the free bus service for seniors and the disabled. This service was discontinued in a cost-cutting frenzy a few years ago. Why must we save money at the expense of those who can least afford it? Restoring this service would go a long way to ease the burden of those on a fixed income, and might even show that Austin still has some compassion and civic responsibility.

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Dick Ryan over 1 year ago

Pedestrian safety. For instance? The intersection of Baylor and West 6th. On the north side of 6th, the Stop sign for the traffic moving south along Baylor is actually beyond where the crosswalk would be if it were painted! On the street side of the crosswalk. This placement no only puts the pedestrians in danger, but also moves the no parking sign so close to the intersection - that the no parking sign is placed where the stop sign should be-meaning if a car is parked right up to the sign, there is added danger by reducing visability for drivers to see pedestrians and bicyclists-on top of since 6th is one way, many drivers do not even stop as they are looking only to the left when approaching the intersection. Since Laura Morrison lives on Baylor, she might take notice of this safety issue and it's important to do now as the intersection is being redone and the sign needs to be in the correct location before the crosswalks and stop lines are painted onto the intersection.

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