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Austin has enough affordable housing...for 1 out of 4 very low-income households.

With housing prices continuing to rise, we need a strategic housing plan to meet the needs of people who call Austin home. So, that is what we are doing with the Austin Housing Plan.


The goal of the plan is to increase housing choices available to all Austinites. The Austin Housing Plan will include numerical goals, timelines, and strategies to maintain and create affordable housing for a range of incomes throughout the city, as envisioned in Imagine Austin.


The plan will help align resources, ensure a unified strategic direction, and help facilitate community partnerships to achieve this shared vision. The plan will explore funding mechanisms, potential regulations, and other creative approaches the City of Austin should utilize to achieve housing goals.


What do you think of the draft plan? Read it here. Speak up, Austin!


Topic: Housing Goals

To what extent do you think the draft Housing Plan's goals are the right goals?

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What ideas to help with affordable housing are not included in the draft plan?

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What additional ideas or concerns do you have after learning about and/or reading the draft Housing Plan?

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