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Austin Resource Recovery is the city department that picks up trash, recycling and organics from single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, and four-plexes. The department also has contracts for a variety of other services such as the processing of the materials collected and dumpster services for city facilities. Austin Water (another city department) contracts out services relating to the management of biosolids. Recently, there have been a variety of questions from council when presented with recent contracts relating to these services.

On March 23, the City Council approved Resolution 20170323-055 that created a Council Working Group to examine waste management and biosolds policy issues and contracts, especially as they relate to organics and recycling.  The working group has begun meeting and is scheduled to provide recommendations to the full council by June 1.  City Council and city staff have identified the policy issues below and are seeking input as the working group completes their recommendations.

You can find more information on the working group here. 


Should the city continue to competitively solicit waste management contracts?

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Should the city waive the Anti-lobbying ordinance for future solicitations? 

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Should materials be directed to or away from certain landfills in future solicitations? 

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Should some contract or services be consolidated? 

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Should the city set diversion requirements for City waste management contractors? 

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Topic: Utility Poles

Is there a preferred way to manage used utility poles?

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Topic: Biosolids

Is there a preferred policy for biosolids management? 

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Should Austin Resource Recovery provide special event services?

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