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The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department manages five historic municipal cemeteries, Austin Memorial Park Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Plummers Cemetery, Oakwood Cemetery, and Oakwood Annex Cemetery.  We are entrusted by the families and decendants to care for these sacred places, and the cemeteries are indelible and essential parts of the neighborhoods in which they reside.  The department is embarking on a public process to update the Cemetery Rules and develop a plan for enforcement.

Cemetery Master Plan

City of Austin Cemeteries Page

Cemetery Rules Report


Topic: Ornamentation

Define ornamentation.  What does grave ornamentation mean to you?

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Topic: Practices

What religious and/or cultural practices do you have that relate to grave ornamentation?  What is appropriate grave ornamentation that respects the practices of others?

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Topic: Enforcement

What types of memorials and permanent fixtures can be "grandfathered-in" once compliance enforcement begins?

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