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Speeding in neighborhood - where are the cops? Default_avatar Posted by Phillip Guardiola on 2015-10-01 16:46:39 -0500
Keep Austin sane and cognitively alive. 912265255520736 Posted by Kerry Martens on 2015-09-10 16:50:23 -0500
Nursing home combined with animal shelter. Default_avatar Posted by stefanie bell on 2015-09-09 23:37:50 -0500
The very 1st lesson your child will probably learn this year? **********DON'T USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION!!!*********** I REALLY hate the increased traffic during the school year just like everyone else. Has anybody considered that the number of cars on the road during EVERY SINGLE rush hour, (morning and evening), would be diminished by MILLIONS of cars IF parents just had their children walk, bike or take the bus? The arguments for not taking the school bus are the same ones adults use for not taking the city bus or train or any other form of mass transit. "It's inconvenient." "It's cold/wet/windy out." "I wish there were more stops closer to me." "NOBODY takes the bus but losers." Those same people that do drive their kids right to the front door of the schools will complain about their taxes and how nothing seems to ever get done to eliminate ALL THAT TRAFFIC! Solutions for rush hour traffic in YOUR town? Yes I have a few. 1) Make being dropped at school by Mommy allowed ONLY with a permit for a true hardship. (Severe disability where buses aren't equipped with lifts, etc.) 2) Those students old enough to drive to school can ONLY do so if they have a permit that is granted by PASSING ALL OF THEIR CLASSES the previous year AND during the current school year! NO Pass, NO Drive! (Talk about a POWERFUL incentive for kids to crack their books!) 3) Schools need to spend the money on more bus stops and more realistic pick up and drop off times. Will this cost more? Sure. But the money saved in gas, frustration, accidents, increased costs associated with building more roads with more lanes to handle more traffic and lost wages because of snarled rush hour traffic would MORE than make up for that cost. 4) Where school buses are unavailable then city buses need to increase routes and improve/increase pick-up and drop-off times to fill in the gaps. Who knows, maybe even mom and dad will start taking the bus to work and back which will further reduce traffic, pollution, frustration... 5) Governors and Mayors across the country should mandate that EVERY single government employee take mass transit or quit their job. Every parking spot that is currently being used by government employees could have a meter placed in front of it and used by the public where public parking is typically so scarce. 6) Where possible interstates running through the center of congested cities should be fitted with cameras and made TOLL ROADS for all 18 wheelers and toll roads/loops AROUND the city be made TOLL FREE for those rigs to make city travel safer for everyone....‪#‎AUSTIN‬,TX. PLEASE!!! 7) Major employers should be given tax abatements to have their staffs start work at 7 or 9 am to stagger traffic to non-peak times and deeper breaks for allowing a significant # of employees to work remotely from home. ‪#‎AustinTrafficProblemsSolutions‬, ‪#‎TexasGovernorPayAttention‬, ‪#‎AustinMayor‬, ‪#‎AustinCityCouncilPayAttention‬, ‪#‎TXDOT‬, TxDOT, Texas.gov, Austin City Council, Round Rock, Texas – City Government, Office of the Governor Greg Abbott, City of Cedar Park, Texas-City Government, Austin, Texas - Your City Government, Pflugerville, TX Municipal Government, City of Georgetown, Texas - Government, City of Hutto, TX – Municipal Government, Txdot, @speakupaustin Speaking of specific local traffic...ALL of the traffic lights on Hwy 360 should be pulled down, the medians restored and instead add extended merge lanes and U-turn lanes which would make giant traffic circles instead of the constant stop and start traffic that plagues 360 now. Imagine never having to stop at another traffic light on that stretch of road!! And the cost? Not that much...really. smile emoticon Following these few, inexpensive, quick, simple solutions we could drastically improve everyone's quality of life immediately. Please share this if you feel the same way. Ken Moench's photo. Default_avatar Posted by Kenneth Moench on 2015-08-26 12:03:50 -0500
Forbid valet parking near intersections Default_avatar Posted by Jason C on 2015-08-04 12:13:49 -0500